Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Expect more than you bargained for at Angelo’s Diner

NEW BERLINVILLE – It’s no secret that lately people have been dining on a budget. For those who are concerned with cost but don’t want to compromise quality, Angelo’s Diner is just what the culinary doctor ordered.
The family-owned restaurant that used to be named Apple Dumplings has been working hard to improve the interior and exterior of their Route 100 business. The last six years have included indoor and outdoor renovations that have been capped off by enhanced landscaping.

But what really brings in the customers is the food.

Angelo’s is one of the only diners in the local area to feature a full salad bar, which complements the wide variety of recently updated entrees. Some currently featured dishes include Tex-Mex chicken, which is chicken and rice topped with chili and melted cheddar cheese. A number of Italian dishes such as shrimp fettuccini Alfredo and chicken Alfredo have also been added.

One of the best features of Angelo’s is their rotating daily soup option. Chicken noodle, lobster bisque, shrimp bisque, New England clam chowder and split pea soup make up a couple of the choices the restaurant provides. Manager Naz encourages patrons to suggest dishes they want.
“If you want something new or different, ask the chef,” he said.

Angelo’s is also a prime breakfast destination, offering the best in breakfast foods, including poached, over-easy, light and medium eggs, homefries, hash browns, oatmeal pancakes and much more.

While variety of foods is important, Naz emphasizes that keeping meal prices as low as possible to the patron is the No. 1 goal.

“We have the cheapest prices around, and you get more than you bargained for,” he said.

Comfortable air conditioning and free Wifi are available; business meetings are welcome. It’s the perfect atmosphere to read your newspaper or enjoy a song, as most tables feature Jukebox machines.

Angelo’s Diner is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accepting takeout orders, indoor and outdoor dining and party reservations. For more information, call 610-367-1842.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Barrister’s Bagel Co.: New York Style bagels right in Royersford

ROYERSFORD — For transplanted New Yorkers, sometimes the hardest thing about moving to a new location is finding a good bagel, because once you’ve had the real thing, there is no alternative.

At least there didn’t used to be, until lawyer-turned-shop owner Richard Welsh took matters into his own hands.

“I’ve been to New York, and I wanted the real thing,” said Welsh, who founded Barrister’s Bagels, located at 1814 Ridge Pike in Royersford. From the genuine New York bagel boil and baking process to the modish interior décor, Barrister’s takes a page straight out of Manhattan.
Preparing all food as made-to-order, using fresh ingredients, and sticking to the tried-and-true methods of bagel-making help the eatery deliver the perfect bagel shop experience.
The extra attention to quality makes a huge difference.
Bagels are boiled before baking, which creates a shiny outside and a fluffy inside. As Welsh noted, most chains don’t do that. Post-boil, the bagels are baked on both sides on burlap-coated cedar boards, which creates a more consistent, crispy bagel, with toppings on both sides.

When it comes to filling the bagels, Barrister’s has it covered. In addition to a wide variety of fresh cream cheeses, Barrister’s uses Boar’s Head sandwich meats and offers Taylor Pork Roll and Hatfield sausage with breakfasts.

Top sellers include the Everything, Plain, and Sesame bagels. Barrister’s has also kicked off a Flavor of the Month bagel, with August’s flavor being Banana Walnut.
Like a good bagel shop should, Barrister’s offers premium roast coffee, which they chose through blind taste-testing. Numerous coffees were examined before locally-produced Burlap and Bean coffee of Newtown Square was chosen.

For a business that is celebrating its 18-month anniversary in August, Barrister’s often has to dispel the impression that they are a chain store, although it is understandable how many might think that they are. With an agency-designed logo and old-fashioned (purchased) authentic Brooklyn recipes, Barrister’s is certainly becoming a leading culinary destination, but it is still a mom-and-pop store at heart.

For a new store to be so infused with the importance of tradition, Barrister’s Bagel Co. is one of the most special places in the “hole” world.

The Mercury Muncher Recommends:
• Large iced coffee
• Poppy seed bagel, toasted with scallion cream cheese


Step 1: White dough is mixed in 100 lb batches using flour, yeast, salt, malt, conditioner, which includes vitamins, and water.

Step 2: Dough is cut into strips, then cut into plugs. The belt curves and then forms a circle.

Step 4: Bagels are laid out and cooled in a large refrigerator

Step 5: Bagels are boiled 4 dozen at a time in a kettle, then laid out on boards and baked 250 at a time.

And of course, fresh bagels are put on display for eager customers!

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